Monday, January 16, 2012

Hero beat

So i tested the new hero beat with the bubble man and the results are not bad.....
good points

1st off this deck can pull off summoning blade heart easily and it can also switch from being offensive to being more of a control base thus allowing different plays when needed unlike decks like mainspring which can only be capable of excelling with only 1 type of play.

2nd This deck has the ability to summon out E-Hero absolute zero with ease,as it plays bubble man as one of the main hero that the deck use to do its combo, yes it is the blade heart combo.

3rd Is the high chance of escaping a 1st turn dust shoot since this deck has low monster count the chance of drawing a monster card is very low

The last is that this deck have alot of outs when it comes to top decking like bubble man......

bad points

Is the low monster count,the low monster count other than being an advantage it is also a disadvantage as less monster count means that it is hard to deal with decks that can stall or have the power to remove cards without having to use any side decking.

So far this is what i feel after playing a week with this deck so do pardon me if i miss out anything or put in the wrong points...

signing off
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